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Lifeproof has made me a very happy man. They have addressed all the issues I had with their Lifeproof Case for the iPhone 4/4s and have put out one of the best waterproof iPhone 5 cases out there (not to mention dirtproof, snowproof, dropproof, etc). This is one piece of travel tech you’ll want to get your hands on before your next vacation!

Lifeproof got a lot of attention when people all over the world started posting videos of themselves throwing their phones (in a Lifeproof case, of course) into toilets, tubs, etc. full of water without any damage to their phones. There is one thing you can’t deny this company: They make a great waterproof, dropproof, snowproof case. But I had a few problems with their iPhone 4/4S case that also could not be denied. The plastic covering the touchscreen was unresponsive, the plug for the headphone jack was easily lost, and the design was a bit too militaristic for my tastes.

It normally takes a few versions of a product to get EVERYTHING I want fixed…but not in this case. Lifeproof has nailed it! They took their iPhone case from something I would only have on my phone during a beach vacation, to something that I’d use as my every day case. That’s HUGE!

Here’s my TSO breakdown:

Travel Friendly

The claims are all true with this air-tight blessing to all klutzes. Without increasing the size of your iPhone to epic proportions, this case will save you hundreds of dollars when you accidentally drop your phone in the pool, in the sand, on the slopes, or just the old-school toilet drop. This is my go-to case for days on the beach.


While the look of this hard plastic case is still a bit militaristic, the slimmed down profile and clear back showcase more of your iPhone’s design than it’s predecessor.


I’m nuts about Lifeproof’s Nuud line. This is the only waterproof iPhone case you’ll find that let’s you touch your actual screen! I’ll repeat…you touch your actual screen! They realized that as long as they created an air tight “O” ring around the screen, no water could penetrate the phone. Brilliant. Keep in mind that with ANY waterproof case, hearing the sounds of your phone will be slightly muffled. If you are particularly hard of hearing, sometimes it might be difficult to hear the person on the other end if your ear isn’t positioned exactly right. But like I said, it’s one of the trade-offs that happens for any waterproof case you buy.

All in all, Lifeproof has made a travel friendly case that I’d be happy to make my every day iPhone 5 case!

The case retails for $49.99 on Amazon

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  1. Nick Cast

    October 29, 2013

    This giveaway is so awesome. Thanks for doing this!

    • Sheryl Edwards

      November 3, 2013

      I put my phone in the cupholder in the car. I did not notice that someone had spilled their drink in the cupholder and it was about half full. Yikes! Ruined my phone!

      • TripKnowledgy

        November 4, 2013

        AGH! I wouldn’t even put my phone in our cupholder when it doesn’t have anything in it! haha

        Thanks for entering!

  2. Jessica @Bkeepsushonest

    November 2, 2013

    Thankfully I haven’t… yet.

  3. Tintin

    November 3, 2013

    I’ve accidentally dropped my phone in the sink before with some water. It wasn’t enough to cause any serious damage though.

  4. Jonathan

    November 3, 2013

    I myself have luckily only had some near spills…However a good friend of mine once dropped her phone in a glass of Diet Coke. Ouch.

  5. Jonathan

    November 3, 2013

    Great idea! Haven’t had this problem, but I’m sure I could use this at the gym.

  6. Kerri

    November 3, 2013

    I dropped my phone in the sink, agh!

  7. FM

    November 4, 2013

    Is this giveaway only for the iPhone 5?

    • TripKnowledgy

      November 4, 2013

      Yes, only for the iPhone 5 model. But follow me for more giveaways and reviews!

  8. Patty

    November 4, 2013

    Oh yeah. My last iphone. right into the toilet during a ten at rehearsal. I lost everything including over 4000 pictures I had just taken while traveling the world. Literally one of the worst days of my life. This case is clearly a NECESSITY.

    • TripKnowledgy

      November 4, 2013

      Oh no! That’s one of the reasons I LOVE Photostream!!! Thanks for entering!

  9. Tony

    November 4, 2013

    Awesome, can sure use a iPhone case. So far no accidents yet.

    • TripKnowledgy

      November 4, 2013

      Let’s knock on wood for no cell phone accidents! Thanks for entering!

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